What is Ten Minutes Together?

Ten Minutes Together is a simple little app to create photos and slideshows of your everyday events. 

A kid's party, visit to a friend's house, a school fun day, dinner at your favourite restaurant, a trip to Ikea. Document your events with your own photography and captions and then easily share them with others.

Take your photos, write some captions and view them all together as a slideshow. Perfect for showing Grandma. So simple.

It's so much fun storing the caption on the photo. Especially when you share your photos or import them into your photo software. You will be addicted too!

Each event's photos, titles and captions will all be included in your email. How easy is that?

Ten Minutes Together is also perfect for sending to electronic picture frames with email accounts.

Writing a caption at the same time you snap a photo will mean so much more than the photo alone.  It really does capture the moment. A description, a joke, a comment, a question. It's fantastic.

Plan, record and share your memories today!

Why is Ten Minutes Together useful?

1. You can add events before, during or after the actual event. 

2. You'll have neat and tidy pictorial records of your events all organised by title and date.

3. You can add and edit text captions, as well as zoom photos to check the detail and focus.

4. You can show the photos as a slideshow straight away.  You'll love this feature!

5. You can share the photos and captions via email. This looks so good and so useful, you'll send them to yourself!

6. Plan an event down to individual shots that you will take. Give them a title and caption, then at the event take the photos and you're done!


Ten Minutes Together is a universal application for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad*

* Requires iOS 4.3 or greater. Taking photos requires a device with a camera.


Share as

Slideshow, email, or photo album




A picture paints a thousand words,

a few words makes the moment.

Remember those who love you the most!

What can you think of? Let us know at 


83-calendar.png   Plan 

"Plan" events for the future or right now. On the Plan tab, tap the + button to add a new event.

addimage.png  Edit 

Events can be edited to add photos and captions. 

On the Plan tab, tap an event to edit it. Add a name for your event. Enter a potential date, or tap on the date button to enter the current date. 

Tap on 'Add' to add a photo. Take a photo with the camera, or chose one from your Photo Library.

High quality photos taken are automatically added to your Photo Library for syncing to your other devices. You can delete them from Together and they will remain in your library. You can also save the captioned photos to your photo album from the Play list.

Once you have a photo, you add a title and/or caption (if you just add one, it will be copied to the other for you). Then you can tap on the preview to zoom in and check the photo looks OK with the caption. 

playbutton.png  Play

Events become listed in the Play list when they have at least one photo to show. Tap any event in the Play list to view it as a slideshow. The slideshow will display a message before beginning.

The caption will display for each photo. You can edit captions or add more photos to your slideshow at any time, just go back to the Plan List.

Replay your slideshows or share them with family and friends via email or save them with captions to your Photo Album. Remember to respect the size of email sent, so keep them down to a size your friends can receive. We recommend choosing small or medium image sizes if asked. 


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